ame of Laboratory - Clinic: Laboratory of Water Resources Engineering and Management

Seat / Building: Building of Environmental Hydraulics and Hydraulic Engineering


Abbreviation (optional): LWREM-AUTh


Number of Establishment’s Act /Government’s Gazette Number (FEK): P.D.306/4-11-2002 / FEK 269 Α΄/24-11-02


Year of Establishment: 2002


Director of Laboratory - Clinic (if appointed) /expiration date: Margaritis Vafeiadis / 31-08-2018


Person in charge of security of Laboratory - Clinic (if predicted and appointed): Not predicted




Contact person (Name, capacity, tel., Email): Margaritis Vafeiadis, Professor, Director,


tel +30 2310 99 5685, Αυτή η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου προστατεύεται από τους αυτοματισμούς αποστολέων ανεπιθύμητων μηνυμάτων. Χρειάζεται να ενεργοποιήσετε τη JavaScript για να μπορέσετε να τη δείτε.




1. Educational and Research Subjects of Laboratory - Clinic


The Laboratory of Water Resources Engineering and Management covers educational and research activities in the following fields:

1. Sustainable Development of Water Systems (Surface and groundwater): Investigation, exploitation and management of natural water resources. Design and management of coastal areas, artificial recharge of aquifers, protection and restoration of water bodies. Management of river basins, climate change study and coping with natural hazards and disasters. Desalination, reuse and other methods of substitute of natural water resources. Technical, economic and legal issues concerning these and similar studies.


2. Hydraulic and Hydrological Analysis and Simulation: Hydraulic natural flows (underground and surface), transport-dispersion of pollutants in aquifers and rivers, engineering hydrology, stochastic hydrology measurements and hydroinformatic systems.

3. Integrated Water Policy: Management of water demand, economic evaluation and optimization of the exploitation of water resources, cost and pricing of water, transnational river basins management.

4. Energy Resources Management: Renewable energy systems, exploitation of low enthalpy geothermal fields.




2. Human Resources



Pericles Latinopoulos, Professor

Konstantinos Katsifarakis, Professor

Ioannis Mylopoulos, Professor

Margaritis Vafeiadis, Professor

Elpida Kolokitha , Associate Professor

Nikolaos Theodosiou, Associate Professor

Zisis Mallios, Assistant Professor

Dimitrios Tolikas, Professor Emeritus


Teaching Staff

Eleni Fotopoulou, Dr.Civil Engineer

Eleni Vasileiou, Civil Engineer


Administrative staff

Afroditi Papageorgiou, Civil Engineer


PhD candidates

Thomas Spachos, Geologist

Ioannis Tsolakidis, Surveying Engineer

Christos Liapis, Civil Engineer

Eleftheria Karagiannidou, Civil Engineer

Konstantinos Hatzis, Civil Engineer

Ioannis Avgoloupis, Civil Engineer

Zissis Antonopoulos , Civil Engineer

Eleni  Koliadi , Civil Engineer

Panagiotis Bakanos , Civil Engineer

Catherine Basdeki , Environmental Engineer

Anthoula Dota, Civil Engineer

George Kazantzis, Civil Engineer

Vasiliki Triantafyllou, Civil Engineer

Diamadis Karakatsanis, Civil Engineer

Lysandros Katsifarakis, Civil Engineer

Ioannis Marinopoulos, Civil Engineer

Sotiriadou Stiliani, CIvil Engineer

Ioannis Hatzispiroglou, Agriculturist

Afroditi Papageorgiou, Civil Engineer

Margarita Katirtzidou, Civil Engineer

Dimitris Malamataris, Civil Engineer



Kleoniki Tselepidou, Dr. Civil Engineer

Maria Arnaouti, Civil Engineer

Kyriaki Kechagia, Civil Engineer

Ioannis Papargyriou,  Computer and Informatics Engineer

Stylianos Xiros, ElectronicSpecialist




3. Research activity of the Laboratory - Clinic (2010 – 2015)


2009-12     CC-WaterS [Climatic Change and impact for Water Supply] [South East Europe, SEE/A/022/2.1/X]

2012-14     CC-WARE [Mitigating Vulnerability of Water Resources under Climate Change] [South East Europe, SEE/D/0143/2.1/X]

2013-15     Real-T-SO“Real Time Operational Control Tool of Combined Sewer Overflows at Coastal Cities[NATIONAL ACTION “COOPERATION 2011 framework”

2013-14     Integrated management of rainwater in urban areas

2013-14     Groundwater Nitrate Pollution: Development of a  management plan through a combination of mathematical models and  geographic information systems

2013-16     Water resources management on a watershed level under climate change conditions




4. Educational activity


Core courses

§ Computer Applications in Civil Engineering (2nd semester) (Head Tutorial)

§ Groundwater Hydraulics and Hydrology (5th semester)


Elective courses

§ Environmental Impact Assessment (7th semester)

§ Hydraulics of Groundwater (8th semester)

§ Water Resources Management (9th semester)

§ Geothermal energy (9th semester)

§ Engineering Hydrology (9th semester)

§ River Engineering (10th semester)

§ Development and exploitation of groundwater resources (10th semester)

§ Environmental Policy in the European Union (10th semester)


Laboratory participation in postgraduate studies programs

PSP 'Environment Protection and Sustainable Development' (PPVA)

§ Acquisition, Processing and Management of Environmental Data

§ Environmental Assessment and Management

§ Sustainable Water Resources Management

§ Management of Natural Hazards

§ Elements of water resources

§ Protection and restoration of groundwater resources

§ Economics of Natural Resources and Environment

§ Introduction to Research Methodology


PSP 'Construction Management' (DDTE)

§ Management of hydraulic and coastal works


IPP 'Environmental Quality and Water Management at Basin Level'

§ Physical functions of a river basin

§ Methods of sampling, Typology. Remote sensing. GIS

§ Land use. Human pressures. Impact assessment

§ Socioeconomic management. Environmental education and awareness. Management Authorities of protected areas. Legislation

§ Simulation alternative scenarios Basin Level. Management at a basin level

§ Restoration of aquatic ecosystems


Educational books

D . Tolikas , Groundwater Hydraulics

KL Katsifarakis , Permanent flows with free surface , Publisher Christodoulides , 2009 .

Pericles Latinopoulos , First steps in research: A useful guide for young researchers, KRITIKI Publishing , 2010

KL Katsifarakis Geothermal Energy , University notes , 2014


Doctoral Theses

Latinopoulos Dionysios , A multicriteria analysis application to the economic theory of water in agriculture, within the framework of sustainable management of water resources.)water resources management. Application of the balanced score card at Nestos river basin, 2006

Kapragkou Eleni, Integrated water resources management. Application of the balanced score card at Nestos river basin, 2006

Sawafta Farah, Evaluation of losses in water balance and methods of control in Wadi Fara'a Area – Palestine, 2008

Tselepidou Kleoniki, Optimization of geothermal and underground water resources management, 2008

Darivianakis Nektarios, Simulation of the response of karstic springs by means of neural networks, 2011

Tolika Maria, Inverse problem study for groundwater aquifer bottom elevation using simulation models and genetic algorithms, 2012

Georgakopoulos George, Analysis of socio-economic interactions in the implementation of community-based water resource management,  2012.

Kougias Ioannis, Harmony search algorithm, applications on water resources management problems,  2012

Eleftheriadou Eleni, Conflict resolution in transoundary water resources with the use of mathematical methods: implementation in Nestow catchment, 2012

Antonopouloy Eleni, Valuation of the preservation vallue of lake Volvi wetland using the contingent valuation method, 2013

Axarli Evagelia, Criteria and methodology for the optimal development of urban streams, 2013

Kontos Ioannis, Optimization of fractured coastal aquifers’ management with pollution problems, 2013

Fotopoulou Eleni, Investigation of the application of water supply well-head protection techniques under conditions of uncertainty, 2014

Arvanitidou Stamatia, Coastal aquifers protection techniques from seawater intrusion: computational simulation and solutions optimization, 2015

Siarkos Elias, Development of a Methodological Framework Using Numerical Simulation Models for the Investigation of the Operation of Coastal Aquifers Systems: Application to the Aquifer of N. Moudania, 2015

Botsis Dimitrios, Simulation of the rainfall-runoff relationchip using machine learning methods, 2016


Postgraduate Theses

Papanastasiou A. "Optimization of hydraulic and heat heterogeneous low enthalpy geothermal field with the method of genetic algorithms", 2010

Tzanaki S. "Desalination plants with reverse osmosis. Technical description and siting criteria ", 2010

Wildermeersch K. "Combining genetic algorithms and boundary elements to optimize coastal aquifers' management", 2010

Damianidis, K., “Cost-benefit analysis of a photovoltaic unit for power generation”, 2010.

Katirtzidou, M., “Alternative scenarios for the protection of water-supply wells from contamination from various land uses”, 2010.

Manika, S., “Investigation of the variations in properties values in urban areas of Thessaloniki due to environmental pressures”, 2010.

Kaskamanidis, P., “Investigation of the impact of environmental parameters on the total values of properties in Western Thessaloniki”, 2011.

Avrami-Panagiotou A. "Saving water in hotel", 2011

Vlachas P. "Simulation of groundwater flow with combined use of finite differences and boundary element", 2011

Kougioumgidou K. "Assessment and management of flood risk in Thessaly Region using digital data and automated analysis, 2011

Apostolas Stylianos, “Development of a software for the simulation of pollution and restoration of groundwater aquifers”, 2011

Vraskidou Chrysa, “Impact of uncertainty in the transport of complex pollutants in groundwater aquifers”, 2011

Pakos Georgios, “Application of a simulation model for head transport in a geothermal fields”, 2011

Tsolakis E. "Optimization successive geothermal aquifers management using genetic algorithms", 2012

Fytianos C. "Correlation and prediction of chemical Municipality of Thermi drilling parameters using artificial neural networks, GIS and SPSS», 2012

Bandi Dimitra, “Simulation of the application of permeable barriers for the restoration of the quality of groundwater aquifers”, 2012

Kyzeridou Maria, “Economic evaluation of groundwater protection and restoration measures”, 2012

Gymnopoulos Miltiadis, "Cost-benefit analysis of the hybrid power plant in Ikaria", 2012

Papadopoulou Kiriaki, "Spatiotemporal analysis groundwater physicochemical parameters in Central Macedonia", 2012

Kakoudakis, K., “Simulation of steady-state groundwater glow for the estimation of groundwater pumping costs for irrigation”, 2012.

Papadopoulou, K., “Spatio-temporal analysis of physicochemical parameters of groundwater in Central Macedonia”, 2012.

Angelopoulou, D.-V., “Strategic environmental assessment: a critical approach of its application to the Greek system of spatial planning”, 2013.

Marinopoulos I. "Evaluation of solutions to optimize energy and water management swimming pool. Application to municipal swimming Toumba ", 2013

Matiaki M. "Quality of the town water supply saffron water and protection of water abstraction sources", 2013

Nikolettou-Skarliou V. "Evolution of hydraulic networks and new features rainwater utilization in Kalamaria Municipality", 2013

Dushku Klinti. "Water resources management-hydraulic networks", 2013

Rovas D. "Investigation of seasonal thermal energy storage capacity in aquifer", 2013

Vogiatzis Pantelis, “Economic and technical evaluation of the delineation of well head protection areas under conditions of uncertainty. Application if the Anthemoundas aquifer”, 2013

Matzari Christina, “Groundwater pollution from Arsenic – techniques for the recognition, protection and restoration. Application in the area of Aspros Kilkis”, 2013

Terelidis Alexandros, Development of a mathematical groundwater flow simulation model with the use of the MIKE SHE software. Application on the Moudania aquifer in Chalkidiki”, 2013

Oustapasidou Eftichia, "Cost - Benefit and socio-economic analysis of the road Thessaloniki-Moudania-node-Polygyros Polygyros-Galatista-Thermi" 2013

Androni Euphrosyne, "Economic evaluation of the value of the reservoir of the Hilarion dam with the contingent valuation method", 2013

5John Anastasiadis, "Evaluation of the marginal cost of water supply in the municipality settlements Paionia Kilkis" 2014

Meras B. "Improving water resources management in urban hotels", 2014

Papadopoulos Ev. "Calculation of pumping water temperatures and optimizing geothermal aquifer development with different temperature zones', 2014

Zemou Georgia, Investigation and statistical analysis of the measurements of the meteorological station at Agios Mamas in Chalkidiki with the use of Artificial Neural Networks”, 2014

Kasapaki, M., “Simulation of seawater intrusion in a coastal aquifer for assessing its impoact on agricultural production”, 2014.

Charalambakis, G., “Investigation of the economic consequences from natural disasters with emphasis on floods”, 2014.

Aspioti A. "aquifer management with pollution problems using genetic algorithms. The effect of intermittent pumping optimizers ", 2015

Gaitanis Ph. "Investigation vertical geothermal exchanger behavior in office building”, 2015

Labropoulos A., "Investigation of the city district heating system Kozani Motion alternative operation after the end of mining activities", 2015

Tsampali Ev. "Explore the possibility of approximation of the method of images in imiapeirous aquifers", 2015

Foutsitzoglou A. "Explore the possibility of using geothermal energy in the spa of Loutra Agia Paraskevi Halkidiki”, 2015

Antoniou Margarita, “Optimal management of groundwater aquifers with the conjunctive use of the Harmony Search Algorithm and the 3-D groundwater flow simulation model ModFlow”, 2015

Anastasiades Stavros, "Investigation of the potential redevelopment of the coastal front Kalamaria - Pilea" 2015

Tsampali Evangelia, "Investigation of the possibility of approximation of the method of images in semi-infinite aquifers ", 2015

Doikos Constantine, "Simulation of the flow of the river Strymon and investigation of the flooding of spring 2015", 2015

Dimitra Papadopoulou, "Software development for the parameter estimation of the water basin balance ', 2016

Kourliti Eleftheria, "Development of an addon tool for the Geographic Information System to automate processes in the pressure - impact analysis under the Framework Directive on Water 2000/60', 2016



Diploma Theses

100 Diploma Theses (MSc) 2010-2016




5. Sustainability and Development


A three-year development plan that includes the services provided and the possible ways of funding its operating costs.




6. Particular Achievements (2010 – 2015)


7. Certification - Accreditation



8. Services provision to third parties


The ETDYP can provide scientific services to third parties in the following areas:

§ Research, measurement, telemetry and remote sensing, study and monitoring of water resources

§ Analyses and Engineering Hydrology Projects

§ Projects for development, utilization and protection of water resources

§ Flood protection

§ Data analysis

§ Hydroinformatic systems

§ Geothermal systems design and development

§ Protection of coastal areas


The laboratory has:

§ Portable instruments for field measurements (eg. Water level meters, current meters) and networks of automatic hydrological and meteorological stations

§ Special software foranalysis of hydrological and other data

§ Special software for hydrological modeling and water resource problems

§ Geographic information systems (G.I.S)

§ Computational optimization models.



9. Potential Collaborations / Synergies with other Laboratories


Partnerships have been developed with various other departments/laboratories of the Aristotle University, both in research, and educational level. More specifically, the ETDYP-AUTH participates through faculty members, the following Graduate Program AUTH:

  • Ecological quality and water management at the watershed level (Departments of Biology, Geology and Civil Engineering, AUTH)
  • Management and Construction Management (Department of Civil Engineering, Rural and Surveying Engineering in collaboration with the Institute of Transport CERTH).

There is also research collaboration with other laboratories of the Department of Hydraulics and Environmental Engineering:

  • Hydraulics and Hydraulic Works
  • Maritime Engineering and Marine Works
  • Environmental Engineering

with other Divisions of the Department:

  • Geotechnical Engineering

as in the following Departments and Laboratories of Aristotle University:

  • Division of Meteorology and Climatology, Department of Geology
  • Laboratory of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, Department of Geology
  • Division of Zoology, Department of Biology
  • Division of Botany, Department of Biology